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Mortgages of foreign banks: how to request them in Italy and which to choose

Mortgages of foreign banks in Italy are a financial product that many users have purchased in recent years of credit crunch. It is no mystery that since the financial crisis of almost 10 years ago, credit conditions in Italy have become particularly complicated: the economic crisis has tightened the purse strings of many banks and obtaining a loan has become more difficult. This is why consumers have turned to other forms of credit, such as online loans.

The loans granted by non-Italian banks could be another convenient solution

The loans granted by non-Italian banks could be another convenient solution

The convenience of a loan made available by a foreign banking institution derives mainly from the economic conditions of the country in which it is based. The first operation that must be carried out when we are interested in these loans is therefore to understand from which country the bank to which we have turned is coming. As a result, to date the most accessible banks from this point of view are the German ones, such as Deutsche Bank, which can take advantage of lower rates in their home financial market, Germany , where debt costs less.

The bank pays for less to finance itself and therefore can apply more favorable rates to its customers

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Another solution is to assess whether Italian banks were purchased and then incorporated into international banking groups based outside Italy: for example, Cariparma and BNL were purchased by French banks and therefore enjoy some advantages over the Italian. However, we must know that in the last 2-3 years the difference in financing costs between Italy and countries such as Germany and France has been reduced, thus limiting the advantages of a loan from a foreign bank. However, the direction that the financial markets will take in the future can never be said.

The paperwork for obtaining mortgages from foreign banks is no different from the one you have to face to apply for a mortgage in Italy. There are no further complications, also because to ask for such a loan you must turn to a branch in Italy of the foreign group you are interested in.

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