Real estate credit: go through a broker, it’s easier!

With an average mortgage loan rate of 2.30% over 20 years, against 3.30%, 1 year ago, borrowing has never been so interesting! And it is even possible to get a lower rate if you have a good record. The period is therefore ideal for buyers as well as for people with a mortgage in the process of repayment, because they can renegotiate it.

To avoid spending a lot of time canvassing all banks, it is best to use a broker. Its job is to find the most advantageous offer for you. In 2014, 30% of real estate loans being financed by banking establishments came from brokers, against 15% fifteen years earlier.

Why are these intermediaries so successful?

Quite simply because they allow their customers to save a lot of time and save money, by selecting the most competitive financial institution according to their profiles. However, you may need to find the right broker, as there are no less than 4,800 mortgage loan brokerage companies.

Low negotiated rates thanks to the volume of business

To choose your credit broker well, you need to turn to those who are the best known because they are the ones who bring the most customers to banks. And the more it goes in this direction, the more the bank agrees an attractive rate. It is indeed a trade of volume: the rates offered by banks to brokers are generally from 0.20 to 0.30 point below the rates they display for their customers.

Thus, depending on the volume of customers, the intermediaries offer different rates for the same borrower. Especially since certain banking establishments only carry out their activity with a handful of them. It is therefore advisable to be well informed about the number of partner organizations of the various banks in your region.

Credit Immobilier: Online simulator

According to the brokers, you can either go to an agency, or make your request and file assembly by internet or telephone. There are many online simulators allowing you to perform a full simulation and then instantly receive a first rate offer that you can get.

Regarding the rates, brokers generally charge 1% of the capital borrowed, or else charge nothing because they are remunerated directly by the banks, also up to 1% of the amount borrowed.

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