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“So, what do you boys think? Isn’t this an exciting game? I can’t wait to see how it ends. Who’ll die first? You? Or that rubber man?”, Arlong asked mockingly before laughing at their situation.

Lambo wanted to check on the others. He really truly did, but this eel Fishman is to creepy and quick to take his eyes off for even a second.

The creep still had the other end of Lambo’s whip and refused to let go. Instead, he wrapped it around his tightly clenched fist, so he could continue holding it while fighting, and lunged forward, already in Lambo’s face in less than a blink of an eye.

“Oh shit!”, Lambo shouts as he barely managed to dodge one swing, “Oh shit!”, he weaved under another swing that the eel took with the other hand, “Oh Shit!!”

And just barely managed to stumble back and out of reach of a swift sharp kick that would have nailed him in the jaw. It would have been a knockout for sure. If it had landed.

Lambo continued to barely dodge the strikes, hits, and kicks that the Eel lashed out for him. It was all so fast; Lambo couldn’t even think of any attacks or counter-attacks to hit the Fishman back with. Much less execute any of them!

Eel slammed his fist downward, trying to smash in Lambo’s skull. Lambo quickly jerked back, almost biting off his tongue when doing so, successfully dodging the fatal strike. Taking his chance to leap back and gain some distance between him and the Fishman.

“And where do you think you’re going?”, the eel Fishman hissed with a guttural chuckle as he gave a harsh tug on the whip that was still in Lambo’s hand.

“Oh Shiii-!!”, Lambo shouts as he pulled forward, flying to the air towards Eel’s fist.

With widening eyes and a grimace, Lambo twisted in the air, just so the punch missed him by mere millimeters, grabbing hold of Eel’s outstretched arm and holding it tight with both arms and legs, like a koala bear in ordering to avoid crashing in the ground and rubble cluttered all over it.

“Huh!? What the hell!?”, hissed Eel, sounding pissed at another failed attack, shaking his arm like crazy to try and dislodge its uninvited occupant.

“You wouldn’t happen to have a name?”, Lambo gritted as he clung tightly to the flailing waving arm, “I’d like to hear it. Uh-!”

With a jerk and a toss of his arm, the Eel backhanded Lambo back to where he first stood when the fight began earlier. Rolling in the air, Lambo tumbled across the ground, but with a grunt, managed to land in a crouch on his feet.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Lambo noticed Zoro stumble, wavering without having even been hit at all.

Wait! Don’t tell him-!!


But Zoro sheathed his swords and turned to Hawk-eye with his arms stretched out, knowing he’s lost.

Hawk-eye stared at him in shock.

“But why?”, he gasps.

Zoro doesn’t answer at first before he looked up with a wide smirk.

“Scars on the back are a swordsman’s shame.”

Hawk-eye smirked, “Fine.”

And slashed down on Zoro’s chest.


Is Zoro still fighting even when he’s still seriously hurt!?!?

“Crap! I thought as much!”, Sanji exclaims, and underline of worry in his tone, “You still haven’t recovered from your fight with Hawkeye!”

“Idiota!”, Lambo grits his teeth, staring at Zoro with worry, “You’re gonna reopen your wound!”


He looked out of the corner of his eye and saw Johnny and Yosaku staring at Zoro in worry. This isn’t good.

“I’m not stupid. Falling for the old injured animal routine. That’s for children!”, Hachi declared from his spot clinging to the top of a column, “Be right back! It’s time for you to see what my true skills really are.”

It took less than a second for Hachi to climb the rest of the way up the column, climb up the roof, entering the building, and leaving seconds later with six swords, each for one hand.

“Now you may tremble in fear at Hachi’s way of six blades!”, Hachi shouts from his spot on the roof. Not noticing Zoro swaying dangerously below him until he fell face first on the ground, “Hey! You’re not supposed to die yet! I haven’t even killed you!”

Zoro was grunting and breathing heavily as he laid there on the concrete.

“Zoro.”, Lambo breathed, pupils shaking in concern.

“I thought it was strange.”, Sanji commented, almost bitterly, “He walked around just like nothing had happened after such a horrible fight. He’s laid out flat.”

Ugh! Here Lambo was thinking that Zoro got see a doctor or something before they met up with him. Of course, after going through such a brutal fight like Zoro did, any other man would have died !

Suddenly, Sanji was flying past Lambo’s head and crashing through the thick wall of the gate, flying past the villagers. Lambo can hear their shouts of worry and concern.

“I told you to pay attention to me you weakling!”, Stingray snarled, “I’m a fortieth Dan in Fishman Karate.”

Unfortunately, Lambo didn’t have long to worry about either of his crewmates, for the Eel’s neck freaking extended! A maniacally laughing Eel head was lunging forward, straight towards Lambo! And before the Guardian could even blink, the Fishman chomped his jagged sharp fangs into Lambo’s shoulder. The teen screamed, closing one eye in a wince as he fought through the burning pain that encased his shoulder.

With a flick and a twist of his wrist, Lambo managed wrap the whip around Eel’s neck and shoulders, he tugged upward. Eel gasped, with wide bulging eyes, having lost his air when his own fist slammed itself into Eel’s own gut without his command. Taking his chance, Lambo pulled his shoulder out of Eel’s mouth with a loud grunt, gritting his teeth tightly together. The Fishman having lost his grip from the earlier blow, Eel instinctively retracted his head when Lambo released his shoulder from Eel’s jaws. But before Eel could do anything else, Lambo then tugged downward on the whip, hard , and Eel’s fist punched him in the face.

Lambo did it several more times, before noticing the threatening step forward, Stingray took in his direction, and Lambo spun the whip, tightening it’s hold around Eel and his arms. With a shout, Lambo pulled Eel, off his feet, and towards Lambo. Lambo stepped back, and made Eel go full circle and slam right into Stingray.

Lambo chuckled breathless, surprised at what he had just done, but, once again, Lambo didn’t have long to revel in his joy and shock. Eel stood back on his feet, snarling and hissing dangerously, holding the end of Lambo’s whip with both hands, which were sparking with gold electricity.

“Oh shit.”, was all Lambo had time to say before Eel sent a large charge into Lambo’s weapon.

The electricity made quick work, causing the whip to burst apart, literally exploding and Lambo’s hands. Lambo gave shout as the force sent Lambo flying backward, his lower back crashing into the top of the stone gate’s edge, before he crashed back to the ground, falling flat on his stomach, with a groan. Making no move to get back up.

The teen’s right hand is now a bleeding and bruised mess, it’s a miracle that nothing even broken! And his entire right arm and the bottom right side of his face was covered in small cuts, but much larger bruises. What’s worse is that his right shoulder was the one to get bitten by the Eel. His shoulder was a mess of blood and flesh.

“Lambo! Little Bro!”, Yosaku and Johnny shouted for the unmoving teen, while the Villagers stared at his crumbled and injure form in shock.


“What do you think you’re doing?”, the annoyed voice of a certain chief was the first thing Lambo heard when he came back to reality.

With a grunt, Lambo slowly pushed himself up to his forearms, ignoring pain his right arm is in. The limb shaking from the pressure of Lambo’s weight as he slowly pushed himself back up into a sitting position.

Lambo looked up to see Hachi a bit of distance away, scratched, beaten, and unconscious, Zoro kneeling by the water, looking as if he were about to dive in after Luffy, while Sanji stood behind him, staying between the Swordsman and Stingray, and Eel was inching suspiciously closer to Johnny, Yosaku, and the rest of villagers than Lambo liked.

“You’re dead if you go in the water like that.”, Sanji scolded the tired and hurt swordsman.

“Just shut up.”, Zoro rasped, “He won’t last much more. You think you ladies might want to sto chatting?”

“Yeah, time’s up.”, Sanji agreed, Lambo really didn’t like the look in his eyes, “If I can get you to shut up for a moment, maybe you would’ve noticed that I was about to do this.”

In less than a second, Sanji shed off his coat and shoes, diving into the water without any hesitation. If Lambo wasn’t focusing on trying to stand up and ignore the pain running down his arm, he would curse up a storm, in Italian. The curses he was mentally shouting at the stupid, moronic, reckless cook would make even Mukuro blush in embarrassment.

“Here goes nothing!”, Sanji shouts right before he hit the water.

Stingray immediately started to laugh, not even a little bit worried, at the cook’s rash actions.

“That’s great! He wants to try slugging in the water!”, Stingray couldn’t stop laughing at it all, “Against a Fishman!”

Zoro looked to mentally cursing out the cook as well. But when Stingray dove in, Zoro leaned forward as if he were about to dive in right after the two, only to pull back with a harsh wince, clutching his side.

Arlong laughed, “This is more like it! Someone else do something entertaining.”

“I’m more than happy to oblige Arlong.”, Eel hissed menacing, his eyes glinting dangerously as they zeroed in on the villagers, “Looks like we have a rebellion on our hands. Why don’t I take care of that for you.”

With that, Eel’s hands began to glow and spark a bright dangerous yellow, the light from his electricity, lightening up his face, cast dark menacing shadows over it.

The villagers screamed and shout as they all stumbled back in terror.

“What? I thought you all would want a taste of the action?”, Eel asked tauntingly with a raised brow and a malicious smirk, “Here! You can have it!”

Eel’s high pitched annoying laughter rang in Lambo’s ears as he rushed forward, intercepting the strike Eel had thrown to the villagers horror.



“Wait kid! You’ll die!”, an old man wearing a bandana, sunglasses, and a doctor’s coat shouted with a gruff voice.

But Lambo ignored them, staring the golden electricity head on with no fear. He let out a grunt as it slammed into his chest, he slid back a couple inches from the force.

“Huh!?”, shrieked Eel angrily, glaring down at Lambo’s proud form.

Golden electricity sparked around the teen before settling nicely inside him. Lambo allowed himself to smirk.

“There was really no need to blow up my whip y’know.”, Lambo spoke casually, a small smile on his lips, while his green eyes remained dark and narrowed, sparking, literally, dangerously, “If you’d told me you can manipulate electricity, I wouldn’t have even used that instead. I really liked that whip too. It felt nice.”

Eel made a low guttural noise that was between a hiss and a snarl.

“Who the hell even are you!?”, he demanded.

“I’m Lambo, nice to meet you.”, Lambo’s eyes narrowed as he glared right back at the Eel, “It’s polite to introduce yourself in return.”

The Fishman growled before standing in a proud gleam, but his eyes still glared dangerously at Lambo.

“I am Snyder! The Electric Spear of Arlong’s crew.”, he proclaimed before pounding his fist together, creating a giant gold spark from the clash, “But go ahead and think of me as your executioner. For Your Death Shall Be Brought By My Hands!!!”

His hands shot forward, held straight, fingers together like blades and twin golden streams of electricity shot right for Lambo.

“Twin Eel Strike!”

Lambo braced himself and held out his hands, allowing the electricity to slam into his hands, his injured arm burned from the action, but luckily, no additional pain was added to it. Lambo harmlessly absorbed the golden energy.

“Right back at ’cha!”, Lambo shouts.

He then thrusted his palms forward and the same golden electricity shoots right back out of his hands, heading straight towards Snyder, ducked and rolled out of the way before it could hit him. The Electricity crashed into the stone gate behind him, creating a large crater in its wake

Lambo looked at his hands in confusion, before looking right back up at Snyder with a raised brow.

“Is that seriously all the juice you have?”, Lambo asked incredulously.

“No! That was my weakest attack I was just testing out the waters!”, Snyder shouts angrily.

“Dude, that attack was weaker than the one you were going to hit the villagers with.”, Lambo glared at the Eel Fishman, “So you give our all for defenseless people, but when someone with similar abilities comes along, you just bail?”

Snyder snarled; his face darkened significantly; eyes began to glow gold as the golden electricity engulfed his entire form.

“. . . oh shit.”

Maybe a little less taunting. Something tells him that less taunting will do him a world of good.

Lambo barely knew what happened next. First, he just saw a stream of golden before getting slammed in the ribs, he coughed, but didn’t even get a second to recover before he saw a flash, stream of gold, and a hit the jaw.

Lambo must be getting hit by Snyder’s gold electricity! But if that’s the case, how come they hurt so much! He usually barely feels a thing when it comes to electricity and lighting.

Same thing happened again, a flash of gold, then he was hit on his shoulder. Right where the jagged teeth marks Snyder had so nicely placed earlier are. Lambo shouts from the pain as he rolls away, going with the hit instead of against to lighten the blow. But it still hurt like hell though. Lambo’s shoulder is shaking and trembling. Lambo clutched it tightly, it felt like it was on literal fire.

“Feeling the burn?”, Snyder taunted, now in a crouch far off in the opposite direction the he just was, “Not so cocky now? Are we?”

Lambo groaned, “How-?”

But he didn’t get a chance to say any more, for Snyder was lunging towards him once again. He felt pain shoot up his side and gut. Then a flash of gold, and Lambo felt three hits in the back. Then one last flash of gold and Lambo saw Snyder’s leg coming straight for him, slmamming into his chest and sent him flying into a column.

Lambo coughed, body already sliding because of gravity, but Snyder had other ideas. He was already there, hand squeezing Lambo’s neck tightly, and holding him high in the air, pressed against the column. Lambo’s feet are dangling at least two or three feet from the ground.

The teen choked and coughed desperately trying to inhale air, but Snyder just laughed at Lambo’s attempts to breathe, squeezing tighter just to spite the boy.

With gritted teeth, Lambo glared down at Snyder, and swung his leg down. Slamming it down on to Snyder’s face. Who screamed, letting Lambo go and stumbled back, clutching his face. Lambo kept hold of the column, bracing his feet against it, and with help from him Dying Will Flames, Lambo flew forward, arm jutted out. His forearm rammed right into Snyder’s long neck.

Snyder choked as he fell back from the force. Lambo flew over the eel’s head and rolled back to his feet. While Snyder choked and gagged, rolling over, getting back to his feet while he glared down Lambo.

But the Guardian glared right back, no longer scared or confused. That last attack Snyder used; it was a kick.

Lambo knew, all he saw was the flash of gold and then felt the pain. It wasn’t eclectic attacks he was feeling at all!


Kuro raised his claws, and slashed down at the three kids, only for them to no longer be there, his claws hitting nothing but empty air.

Out of the corner of his eye, Kuro saw four figures behind him.

Lambo gasped for air, his bangs shadowing his eyes from everyone's view, after trying out the new technique he made up on the fly for these kids, although it did startle him at how fast he actually went, Lambo didn’t expect for him to go that fast, he almost lost control for a moment, if his wounds were hurting before, now they felt like they were on fire. He’s exhausted and feels like he’s about to pass out any second.

The kids all stared at him in shock all three trying to comprehend how Lambo saved them in a literal split second.


Green Lightning sparked all over Lambo as he leapt several feet back, before speeding forward to Pearl’s side, then he was at his other side, then behind him, by the cooks, by the pirates. Lambo was practically flying all over the deck. Pearl’s eyes couldn’t eve keep up with the speed he was going.

Only able to see him for a split second in a new spot then before, then gone in the next.

The more he bounced around the deck, the more speed he gained, until he looked like nothing but a sparking neon green blur.

By now he was going so fast, Pearl couldn’t keep up anymore, standing still in place as he tried to locate his opponent.

Lambo landed, crouched, on the side of Baratie’s wall, his pause much longer than any other before. Then he pushed, hard, off the wall, sending himself catapulting to Pearl, who noticed the oncoming bull with a scream.


Lambo smirked. No, he wasn’t hitting him at all.

“You really are nothing but a weak little human!”, Snyder cackled, “While all you can do is reflect my attacks! You have nothing to attack with ! You rely on others for your attacks, don’t you!”

Snyder laughed his high-pitched crazed laughter, before lunging forward towards Lambo once more.

Lambo sensed more than saw when Snyder was engulfed by his golden electricity. Lambo activated his own Dying Will Flames, channeling the lightning all around him until he was just a green streak as well, gone from where he stood in a blink of an eye.

“What!?”, Snyder hissed, twirling to see that Lambo was somehow behind him.

“Huh?”, Lambo tilted his head ‘oh so innocently’ despite the green lightning that sparked all around his body, “I thought you were going to kill me.”

“Don’t play games with me boy!!”, Snyder hissed before lunging once more, only for Lambo to, once again, dodge Snyder's attack.

Snyder jumped for him again, pushing for himself to go faster, but Lambo matched him in full. The teen even went so far as to out run Snyder and hit him in the jaw, gut, or even the back of his knees before dancing away before Snyder can get his claws on the little brat. The chase of cat and mouse, lasted a couple of minutes. Snyder only getting angrier and angrier with each miss before he finally snapped.

“ENOUGH!!!!”, he shouts, a wave of golden energy bursts from his rage.

Lambo, who was streaking back past, stumbled from the force of the wave tumbling to the ground. Only to bounce back to his feet.

You! ”, Snyder snarled, his voice almost sounded deformed as he pointed at Lambo, glaring at him hatefully with narrowed brightly glowing gold eyes, “ You think you can mock me? That You Can Beat ME!?!? I am the strongest electric user in all of Fishman Island in the Grand Line! My strongest electric attack is almost as powerful as lighting . No one! And I mean no one, can withstand that kind of power!! Not even me!!!”

And that’s checkmate. Guess Sanji will get his fried eel after all.

Lambo smirked, reeling in his Lightning Flames and held his arms out stretched.

“Hit me with your best shot.”, Lambo’s smirk widened, “I dare you.”

“No wait! Kid! You don’t know what you’re doing!”

“That’s too much power for a machine to barely hold! Much less a scrawny kid!”

“Don’t do it!”

“You’re going to get yourself killed!”

“C’mon Snyder.”, Lambo glared, smirk now gone, his eyes seemed to glow brightly from underneath his dark hair as he stared the eel Fishman down, “Hit me with your strongest electric attack. Let me feel your lightning.”

Snyder smirked, assuming Lambo had become overconfident because of his speed.

“You ask. I deliver.”, he hissed delightfully.

Snyder placed his hands close together, gold electricity sparking violently between his fingertips. Slowly, Snyder spread his hand s apart, raising them high above his head as an orb of electricity was soon created.

“Eel... Special...”, Snyder grunted from the strain, arms shaking until he thrusted his arms forward, a big golden streak of lightning bursts from the orb, “Lightning Strike!”

Lambo did nothing, taking the hit head on. Smoke obscured everyone’s view at first, until it slowly blew away, revealing Lambo to be completely unharmed by the attack.

“Wha-? How!? ”, Snyder demanded.

“Simple, I forgot one thing in my introduction.”, Lambo stated, a dark shadow passing over his face as dark storm clouds began to fill the sky, “I’m a Lightning Guardian you son of a bitch.”

Thunder rumbled loudly in the distance, sounding as if it was already there. Maybe it was.

“Thunder Set.”, Lambo spoke clearly.

No sooner had the words left his mouth, a huge streak of lightning streamed from the sky hitting Lambo dead on. It felt like it lasted for eternity, when it was only mere seconds in reality.

“You say you know lightning? This , is lightning!”, Lambo declares as a mix of blue and green sparks oflightning flickered and crawled all around his body, “Elettrico Raggio!”

He thrusted both hands forward cupped together, palms outstretched, facing Snyder as a large beam of green and blue lightning left Lambo’s hands, snaking in the air. Snyder didn’t even have a chance to run before the lightning slammed into him.

He screamed as the lightning bema sent him flying through the opposite gate’s wall, but he kept going through the woods that lied behind the gate, leaving a large giant ditch of dirt in his wake. It looked like hewould never stop. Even though they all knew Snyder stopped at one point. He was just too far away to see where.

All the villagers, Johnny, and Yosaku gaped in complete shock. Barely able to comprehend what just even happened. None of them, in any of their wildest dreams, would imagine such a small scrawny teen, could hold that much power.

Lambo breathed a sigh of relief, slowly making his way over to next to Zoro, Lambo slowly fell to his knees, clutching his entire right arm and shoulder as best as he can. Damn it, that’s his dominate arm too. Hopefully the damage isn’t too bad. Maybe it feels worse than it actually is.

There’s a chance.

Zoro tiredly ruffled Lambo’s hair with a proud grin, “Good job. I’m proud of you kid.”

Lambo felt his heart soar as he smiled brightly at Zoro’s praise. Not minding the fact that the man had ruffled his hair like Lambo usually would be.

Suddenly, there was a loud desperate gasp from the water. Lambo whirled to see Sanji slowly crawl out of the water, alive thank God, coughing and gasping for air.

Both Zoro and Lambo became worried.

“Is he-?”, Zoro couldn’t finish out of fear.

“Is he okay?”, Lambo finished for Zoro frantically.

“Don’t worry.”, Sanji told them raspily, “He’s okay.”

“Are you sure?”, Zoro pressed.

“Yeah, half of him.”, Sanji groaned.

“Half?”, Lambo was just barely able to keep himself from yelling.

How can half of him be fine!?

“Wait half!?”, Zoro sounded worried again.

“I’ll explain later.”, Sanji wheezed before taking a deep breath and quickly getting up to his feet, angrily pointing down at the water, “First! Get your ass up here! I want to fight where I can breathe!”

A large blue webbed hand slammed down shakily on the cement. Lambo and Zoro shared wide eyed looks as Stingray slowly pulled himself back up to land, coughing and gasping as if he had no air.

But can’t Fishman breathe underwater? What did Sanji do to him down there?

“You still don’t get, do you?”, Stingray snarled, “It doesn’t matter to me whether I’m on land or water. I’m just as strong either way.”

The Fishman pushed himself up and onto land, eyes scanning over everything carefully, before noticing someone was missing.

“Where’s Snyder?”, Stingray demanded.

“Go about a couple of miles down that direction.”, Lambo pointed to the new whole in Arlong Park’s gate with a large ditch just outside it, “You should find him eventually.”

Stingray’s eyes flashed with rage, but they zeroed in on the only one standing, Sanji.

“Now you will witness the true power of Fishman Karate.”, Stingray growled at Sanji as he straightened, making himself look bigger, “When I punched you before, that was just a sample of things to come! My ultimate attack is ten times as powerful. And the chances you’ll survive it.... Are ZERO!!!”

Sanji’s leg became a blur, Stingray had no chance at blocking it.

“Your neck.”, Sanji snarled, his leck slammed into the Fishman’s neck, causing him to flip and land on his back, creating a crater in the ground, “You said my love was worthless!?”

Stingray rolled over to his stomach, struggling to push himself back up to his feet.

“Shoulder!”, Sanji shoulds, his leg jutting down and slamming Stingray even harder in the ground, “I can’t protect anyone, is that right!?”

“Ribs!”, Sanji’s leg jutted from behind, slamming into Fishman’s ribs from behind, “Back!”

Sanji’s other leg then rushed forward, slamming into the Fishman’s back, causing him to go airborne.

“Chest!”, he stomped down, slamming the fishman back into the ground, pieces of cement flying everywhere.


Lambo couldn’t even see what Sanji did that time, only saw Stingray tumble back landing face first in the cement.

Stingray finally pushed himself up, growling, then shouting angrily, holding his fist to get in an attack of his own in.

“Son of a bitch!”, he snarls as Sanji lunges forward, “Thousand brick fist!”

Only Sanji was no longer there. Instead, he was in mid flip, right above the Fishman’s head.

“And now...”, Sanji landed, “Face shot!!”

He did a back kick and Stingray was sent flying through Arlong Park. Lambo winced slightly as he flew through each in every wall in the building of Arlong Park, crashing through the building, then utterly destroying the stone gate in the back.

Yeah, he’s definitely not coming back from that one.

Sanji slowly straightened with a pained grunt, clutching his side. He then turned to Arlong with a harsh glare.

“Now it’s done.”, Sanji stated darkly, “He won’t be back.”

Sanji held out a hand to Lambo, who took it with his left, non-injured, hand, and allowed the cook to help him up. The trio all silently agreed that it was best to leave Zoro where he is. Best not to irritate the wound any further.

“Kuroobi...”, Arlong spoke lowly, hardly any emotion in his tone at all, as he stared at the whole Kuroobi, the stingray Fishman, disappeared to, his eyes then traveled over to the whole and ditch left by Snyder, “Snyder....”, and finally his eyes rested on the unconscious cut up Octopus, “Hachi...”

“In the end, they’re all just seafood.”, “Sanji sighed as he put back on hisshoes, “Fish can’t fight a cook. I don’t know what he was thinking. This game is ours.”

Slowly, Arlong got back to his feet, his entire body trembling with rage . Livid bubblingrage.

“You bastards...”, Arlong snarled as he tightly clenched his fists, “You’ve killed my brothers, one after the other. I’m afraid I let you get Too Carried Away!”

Zoro slowly pushed himself up with a grunt, “Alright, explain. Luffy’s half okay? What does that mean?”

“It means, he’s alive for the time being.”, Sanji told him irritably, staring down at Arlong.

All three refused to take their sight away from the shark Fishman for even a second.

“But, if we want him back to fully dry land, I’ve got to go back in the water.”, Sanji glowered.

“Yeah, about that...”, Lambo adds in a little hesitantly, “something tells me that that Fishman over there won’t let you.”


In the future, whenever Lambo would be asked of about in the past couple of minutes. He’d have nothing to say to you, for he would have no idea.

All he knew, was one moment, Arlong was bending down next to the water, next thing he knew was blinding pain, and then he found himself laying on his side next to Zoro, with Sanji siting on his heels in front of them.

Slowly, Sanji stood back up, body shaking and trembling. Lambo looked over to Lambo and noticed the blood trailing down his lips. With a grunt and a will, Lambo slowly stood back up as well. Not letting Sanji standalone against Arlong.

“I don’t even have to touch you.”, Arlong gloated with a wide grin, “You humans are so fragile that I can kill you by just playing around with a little water! That’s the difference between you and me.”

“Shut up!”, Sanji shouts, aiming a kick at the Fishman, but he stepped aside, dodging the attack easily.

Arlong threw the water, and Sanji gasped and grunted as he fell back to the ground, clutching tightly to his stomach. Hoping to try and catch Arlong off guard, Lambo sprinted forward, using large stones of rubble to leap off of, and manage to land on Arlong’s shoulders.

Quickly, Lambo hooked one leg underneath one of Arlong’s armpits, while the other wrapped around Arlong’s opposite shoulder, then Lambo grabbed Arlong’s arm and pulled, slightly choking Arlong as he did so.

With a snarl, Arlong grabbed tightly on to Lambo’s heavily injured hand, and squeezed. Lambo shouts, swearing he heard his hand crack a little, losing the tight grip of his hold as he did so. Arlong dragged Lambo off his shoulders and tossed him by his bad arm, back to the others. Causing the teen to crash and tumble off of the gasping Sanji. The air having knocked out of the cook from Arlong earlier attack.

Better the cook than the fatally injured swordsman.

“You should just die.”, Arlong said condescendingly over the trio, a large shit-eating grin on his face, “Your lives are not worth that much. There’s no one that will miss you when you're gone.”

Lambo looked up at the Fishman with wide eyes, desperately trying to shake off the bad memories those just brought up.

“ARLONG!!!”, shouts a familiar female voice.

“Nami...?”, Lambo whispers in shocked as he whirled to see the woman proudly, angrily standing there, with her shoulder bandaged, staff in hand, and straw hat securely on her head.

“Hey Nami.”, Arlong greeted casually, “I was just teaching one final lesson to these pathetic little pirates. What are you doing here?”

He chuckled as he continued with that stupid shit-eating grin, staring down at Nami as if she were nothing but a tool for his delight.

“I’m here to kill you.”

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