Sun Conjunct Mars Synastry (2022)

Probably everyone knows what was their horoscope sign, that is, the Sun sign. Most of people commonly identify what they call their horoscope sign with the whole concept of horoscope.

However, it is more than that. Horoscope or a natal chart is a rich field of astrological studies. Understanding natal charts or horoscopes is the basis of further analyses, such as synastry. What is astrology, in the first place?

You are certainly familiar with astrology being called the ‘science of the stars’, which is what the very term of astrology could be translated to. However, astrology falls under the category of pseudo sciences, in modern day.

There have been various opinions on status of astrology and those who are against claiming it for a science would argue astrology lacks proper methods, consistence et cetera.

We could hardly tell astrology lacks too much of these, since this ancient ‘science of the stars’ has its principles, rules and methodology.

However, the basis of astrology is old hermetic tradition idea of microcosm and macrocosm reflecting one another. To put it simply, it means that what is seen above is reflected on the earth.

In astrology, the macrocosm of universe reflects in the microcosm of a human being. Therefore, your zodiac sign is only one of the elements that constitute your natal chart, which is a sort of an astrological identification card.

A natal chart is an image of the sky at the time of a person’s birth; it is a diagram that astrologers create and this diagram shows the exact position of planets at the time you were born.

Data in a natal chart are unchangeable. In old times, it was thought that we are but toys in the hands of destiny.

Today, astrology follows another approach, far more humanistic one. Information you could see in the natal chart, that is, in the stars, is something you cannot change. However, the chart reveals your potential.

Astrological charts, personalized birth charts, compared or composite charts could pinpoint major events, but all else is more of an insight into potentials. By learning about these potentials, you could use them as astrological guidelines.

The better you know yourself or, in this case, the astrological nature of the connection with another person, the more you could understand it.

Sun Conjunct Mars Synastry (1)

Astrology of Relationships and Synastry

The most popular area of modern astrology is definitely comparative astrology, astrology of relations and, in particular, that of romantic relationship.

Today you could simply enter data of yourself and your (potential) lover into one of the numerous online astrological compatibility calculators and get the basic, simplified reading.

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The interest into astrological compatibility is not a new phenomenon, some modern day trend. It has always been popular. In old times, people would consult astrologers to tell them what the stars have in store for them, regarding marriage, in the first place.

While it was for the practical reason, mostly, people have always wanted to know secrets about their love life.

Synastry is a type of comparative analyses. It analyzes two charts compared to one another and carefully observes the contacts they create. Each aspect is analyzed separately.

Another related type of analysis is composite chart report. It is different because the two charts are not compared, but merged into a new one.

Planets from one chart would form aspects with planets from the other chart. Aspects between the charts would determine the nature of that relationship.

In synastry, it is of major importance first to look into each chart isolated, in order to get to know astrological individuals involved.

Synastry alone does not define the outcome of a relationship, of course, if we could even talk about it in such terms.

Astrological Aspects in Synastry

Aspects are, as we have said, contacts between planets, specific angles they form. In synastry, aspects are angles planets from both charts create amongst themselves.

Not all the planets have to be involved and aspects are usually a mixture of easy and heavy ones.

Easy aspects allow free energetic flow of planetary energies and support their best qualities.

Heavy aspects would restrict the flow, making the energies conflicted or tense; they could be considered challenging. Each synastry would present with the unique set of aspects and all else would depend on how you two manage the aspects, that is, the energy aspects produce.

Some people would be terrified to see too many ‘bad’, heavy aspects, but it should not discourage you.

Having only positive aspects is unlikely. Imagine if everything was ideal between the two charts. Well, it may sound like a fairytale, while, in reality, something like that would virtually become non-dynamic and boring. A bit of challenging aspects is a good thing!

It sets the things into motion. Too many bad aspects are not desirable, but who knows what those could bring you long terms.

It is extremely difficult to give any stereotypical interpretations of aspects in synastry, since the whole image has to be taken into account if we would lie to analyze a relationship from an astrological point of view.

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Isolated aspects descriptions could, however, be of use. Do not take them as strict rules, but as a useful guideline.

Conjunction Aspect in Synastry

There are five major astrological aspects that are important to look out for in synastry. They could be divided into two groups, easy and heavy ones.

However, one aspect stands out and it could be both. It is the aspect of conjunction, commonly said to be the strongest aspect in astrology.

The conjunction has to be a powerful aspect, since it represents planet matching places or standing very close.

Mathematically speaking, the conjunction represents 0 degrees distance between planets or up to 10 degrees of deviation. When planets are that close, their would energies conjoin and flow together.

In the conjunction, they will not work one against the other, but the overall nature of that new energy would greatly depend on the planets themselves.

A simplified view would tell that two malefic would give a negative energy, while two benefices would give the opposite. If one was a benefic and the other one is a malefic, it would be more complicated.

It sometimes happens that the planets cannot distinguish their own energies, being so strongly mixed up. It could be confusing.

If planets were in the same sign, it is considered a good conjunction and vice versa. In some traditions, all planets in the same sign and astrological house were thought to be in the conjunction.

In other old ones, the conjunction was not considered a separate aspect. In modern astrology, it is taken as first described. Being such an energetic bomb, the conjunction is, by no means, of great value in synastry.

Sun in Mythology and Astrology – Luminaries in Synastry

Luminary planets, the Sun and the Moon are especially important in synastry interpretations. They are lights and they are important for any relationship, since they make partners see one another, in a metaphorical way.

The Sun is, most righteously, considered the first of the personal planets and the most important one in astrology.

The Sun represents all life, so no wonder all ancient civilizations adored sun deities. In Greek mythology, one of the sun gods, the primal sun god was Helios, son of the titan Hyperion. Helios was much loved by the ancient Greeks.

Greeks have believed that Helios lives in a golden palace, from which he would ride out, driving his bright chariot and give light and warmth to all earth.

Golden Sun represents one’s self-confidence, self-respect. Personal strength, courage, goals, ambition, reputation, power, when in a natal chart. The Sun represents reason and consciousness, generosity, gallantness and royalty. It is extremely important to observe in synastry.

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Astrologers would say that it better to have it in synastry, even in heavy aspects, then not to have it at all.

The Sun is masculine principle; it represents the figure of a married man, in synastry. It represents our ability to give, to believe in ourselves and to be organized in life.

The relation between luminaries, between the Sun and the Moon in synastry reflects the practical aspect of the relationship. Suns in good aspects are typical for partnerships rather than romantic relationships.

Mars in Mythology and Astrology – Planets in Synastry

Mars is another masculine planet, the planet of carnal aspect of love, the planet of material over the spiritual, an impulsive, active, vital and energetic one.

Mars is associated with ancient gods of war, Greek Ares, Roman Mars. Mars represents raw strength and energy. It is one of the most important planets regarding synastry, along with Venus.

Unlike the Sun, Mars represents the unmarried man. It reflects the carnal attraction in a relationship and this planet is often responsible for the chemical attraction that might exist between partners.

Mars person is usually the one who takes up the initiative. Mars represents competitiveness, desire for victory and glory.

Mars is associated with passion, with rage and anger, with incredible courage and vital energy. This planet brings a lot of troubles and conflicts, but it also possesses the incredible healing energy.

Having in mind that Mars is associated with everything that is tangible, carnal and passionate, one might assume how important this planet is in synastry.

Sun Conjunct Mars Synastry – Chemical Attraction

Sun conjunct Mars simply burns with irresistible physical attraction.

These two individuals feel one another on a very carnal, chemical level; there is doubt about it. These two are both highly energetic and self-confident that it could happen that one incredibly stimulates the other one, while it could also turn into frustrating one another.

The negative side is characteristic for challenging aspects, but it could happen within a conjunction, having in mind how powerful each one of this is and what could happen when their energies become ever more intensified.

However, it is more likely that these two would work together, towards the same goal. They could really join forces and feed their connection to that precious and extremely strong chemistry.

This is a very tangible connection, but it is more than that. Each person knows what strings should be pulled in order to awaken the desire in the other one; it comes without much thinking, without asking.

The connection is fiery. The attention one gets from the other strengthens each one’s self-confidence, which acts as an aphrodisiac.

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Sun Conjunct Mars – Ego Booster

Sun conjunct Mars brings the sense of mutual, conjoined progress. The ambitions may become clearer and united with this aspect.

This connection is an extreme ego booster. Each of those finds the other person their natural type of a partner and there is not much talk about it. The connection is strong and magnetic, instant.

Having in mind the strength of those characters, it could reflect on their personal opinions and their stubbornness in holding to each to their own. Arguments could be fiery, just as the romance could be.

These work on subjective grounds and take things very personally. There is a great risk of going beyond all boundaries with both of yours’ self-importance and competitiveness, even.

Sun Conjunct Mars Synastry – Energizing Connection

This connection is energizing for both of the partners. United forces of life itself and vitality could be only good, but see to control your urges to be the best. Competition in a relationship is healthy to some point.

For example, these two would probably enjoy outdoors activities, traveling together, creating things together, and even working together, though it could be tricky.

One thing these two should bear in mind is that the competition in a relationship is a game and that it should remain a game.

Your intense connection should appear as an energizing fair game, which should inspire one another. It usually starts as an inspiring challenge, full of physical magnetism.

The further development of this fantastical energizing connection would depend on other aspects found in your synastry, of course.



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The Sun conjunct Mars in synastry is a complicated aspect.. Depending on the sign and type of relationship involved, when the Sun is conjunct Mars in synastry, it can be energizing, produce chemistry, generate conflict, or all of the above.. The nature of this aspect will be colored by the sign involved, but there are four signs that need special consideration.. As one of the malefic planets, Mars does better in signs that moderate it somewhat, and Leo does not.. Both of these planets have a difficult time expressing their nature in this sign.. Sun conjunct Mars in Libra can be quite challenging when it comes to relationships, particularly romantic ones, because it will make it hard for them to communicate properly with each other.. If this is the case, the more positive aspects of Libra will prevail, and they will be able to find a way to communicate with each other.. It will be hard for this person to endure the temper of Mars in Cancer.. As with all synastry aspects, it is important to look at the house position of the planets involved in each other’s charts.. Some people enjoy a rather spicy relationship, and this aspect can produce a great deal of sexual chemistry.. On the most basic level if someone’s Sun is in the same sign as another person’s Mars, the influence of this aspect will be there to some degree.. The Sun conjunct Mars in synastry has both positive and negative sides.

The Sun conjunct Mars in synastry is a complicated aspect.. Depending on the sign and type of relationship involved, when the Sun is conjunct Mars in synastry, it can be energizing, produce chemistry, generate conflict, or all of the above.. The Sun conjunct Mars will inevitably introduce conflict in any type of romantic relationship.. In general, the Sun conjunct Mars does not cause as many problems in a friendship as it does in other relationships.. On the most basic level if someone’s Sun is in the same sign as another person’s Mars, the influence of this aspect will be there to some degree.

It is because whether it’s deep down or not, Sun conjunct Mars natives are courageous.. Others also feel that bravery because it appears as intense energy around Sun conjunct Mars natives.. If other aspects in their natal charts are complementary, Sun conjunct Mars partners will boost each other’s confidence.. These connections can be magnetic if both natives control their egos.. When transiting Sun conjuncts your natal Mars, you will feel more energy than usual.. It is why these partners will have to control the passion between them, or it could result in conflicts and aggression.. But these partners can still work on projects together because they’re both people who want to get things done.

The Mars person specifically feels sexually attracted to the Sun person, but there is definitely physical compatibility in general.. With the Sun trine Mars synastry aspect, the timing of the relationship is especially fortuitous.. There is probably a healthy competition between the partners with the Sun trine Mars synastry aspect that motivates these folks.. The Mars person in particular is sexually attracted to the Sun person.. The timing in the relationship might feel off.. To succeed in this relationship, the couple needs to work hard to find balance and get both of their needs filled.. With the Sun square Mars synastry aspect, there is a lot of physical and sexual attraction, especially at first.. The Sun square Mars synastry aspect can indicate competition between the couple.. The timing in this relationship is always off.. If you have this Sun square Mars synastry aspect in your relationship, it can feel like you’re just never on the same page.. However, it is possible for this relationship to work.

When two people’s Mars placements are conjunct in their natal charts, it creates a powerful synastry aspect.. This passionate connection can result in an intensely connected relationship or an explosive one, depending on the other aspects in the charts.. Read on to learn more about the Mars conjunct Sun synastry aspect and how this pairing can make the best out of their relationship.. When these two planets are conjunct in a synastry reading, it can create a situation where one person’s ego is merged with the other person’s willpower.. This can be a very powerful and motivating connection, but it can also lead to a lot of conflicts if there is not enough harmony elsewhere in the charts.. In astrology, it is said that when two planets are conjunct, they are “working together.” This means that they are in sync with each other and can support each other’s energies.. If the two people involved have a shared personal challenge, it will amplify it when their planets are conjunct.. For example, if one person has a lot of anger and the other person has a lot of sun energy, it can create a volatile relationship .. It can be difficult to maintain such a passionate connection over time, even if there was an immediate spark in the first place.. In order to avoid fights, it is important that both partners learn to communicate openly and honestly.. Mars Conjunct Sun synastry is an incredibly potent and intense connection.. These two people are deeply connected on a level that few other pairs can understand, and the connection will happen almost instantly.. If you are considering getting involved with someone with a Mars conjunct Sun aspect, it is important to look at all of the other aspects in their chart.

Conjunctions in astrology suggest that two planets or bodies align themselves with each other, bringing their energies together and having effects on the expression of your personality traits, your relationships and your thoughts and actions.. A Sun conjunct Mars aspect, then, can mean several things for you based on what each of them represents.. While the Sun stands for aspects like energy, life, support, livelihood, authority, willpower, hope and consciousness, Mars is more symbolic of aspects like energy, ambition, passion, drive, sensuality, action and sometimes even anger.. Strong levels of energy, the need to prove yourself, taking ownership and control, striving for what you want and opting for assertion and independence are some things that might make up your thought process and personality at any give time.. Due to the immense energy that you have, however, having a productive channel or outlet can help you release your pent-up energy without having it simmer inside you and bubbling to burst out at any point.. As a woman with a Sun conjunct Mars aspect in your natal chart, you are likely to be someone extremely passionate, expressive, driven, courageous and fierce when it comes to supporting yourself as well as the others around you.. You might often be associated with ‘masculine’ energies, mainly because both the bodies in this aspect are associated with such energies as well.. Being a man with a Sun conjunct Mars aspect can result in confidence, courage, protective instincts, passion, ambition, creativity and strong instinctive urges .. Even if you might lose some energy in some kinds of situations, you are never one to back down from a challenge, rather enjoying people and events that make you question your instincts.. A Sun conjunct Mars aspect, due to the immense levels of combined energy and the strong sense of protection, spirit, passion and aggression, can often leave you feeling quite angry and frustrated .. When the planet that rules the Sun in one chart forms a conjunction with the Mars placement in the other chart, this can imply similar and matching energies between the two of you.. Since this is such an impulse and energy-driven aspect, you and your partner can often feel sexually driven in various situations, keeping things fun and interesting for both of you.. Due to your ambition, passion, charm, authority, generosity and sexual appeal, you are bound to create waves around you, attracting people to you and the energies that you give off.. A Sun conjunct Mars aspect can point towards energy, passion, drive, ambition, independence, protection and sustenance.. Exciting projects, exciting relationships and exciting contexts can all provide fulfillment, but make sure you learn to find the right channels for your energy and impulses.

What kind of dynamic characterises a Sun square Mars synastry aspect?. Mars Sun aspects talk about your motivation towards the relationship as well as physical and sexual attraction.. The Mars Sun synastry aspect will shed some light on your relationship dynamics; however, you must remember that other astrological aspects also contribute to your sexual compatibility.. During arguments, the Sun person tends to be self-righteous, and the Mars person is usually very defensive and combative.. When a person’s Sun touches another person’s Mars, no matter if it forms harmonious aspects or challenging ones, it usually creates physical attraction between them.. The Sun square Mars aspects strongly indicate ego clashes and intolerance, and sometimes the couple doesn’t last long.. This is why a relationship with challenging aspects between each other’s Sun and Mars are hard to sustain.. In other cases, the Sun square Mars aspect might result in a fight for dominance.. The Mars person often tries to control or dominate the Sun person, which is problematic since the Sun person is trying to do the same.. The Sun person is less hot heated than the Mars person and might ignore their attacks, making the Mars person even more aggressive.. The Mars person never admits when they are wrong, and the Sun person usually thinks they are better or more intelligent than their partner.. The Sun person gets offended by the Mars person’s intolerant and blunt nature, while the Mars person considers the Sun person too conceited and bossy.. One of the main challenge of this couple is putting their egos first, as this aspect makes both individuals feel like the other person threatens their ego somehow.. If there are a lot of positive aspects between the synastry chart of this couple, it might be possible to neutralize the effect of the Sun square Mars aspect, and the relationship could be a lasting one.

The union of Mars and Ascendant person is full of vitality and this strong energy is what brings these two planets closer together.. In synastry, Mars, along with the ascendant person, can make for a passionate love match or any other type of relationship, depending on how strong it is.. The Mars person is attracted to the personality of the Ascendant person and its way of life.. There would be a lot of issues and tension in the relationship between Mars and the Ascendant person in the hard aspect.. The Mars person in a hard aspect, with the Ascendant person, will have a difficult time getting along.. A way of Mars in hard aspect onto an Ascendant person indicates two vital energies with strong traits come together to start an attraction.

Having mars aspects in synastry can create a volatile relationship.. Because both partners have their mars in these signs, there is nothing to balance out the explosive energy, and the partners may not be able to stop themselves from over expressing their emotions.. With Mars Trine Mars Synastry Aspect, the relationship feels very well starred from the beginning.. Mars Square Mars Synastry aspect brings with it lots of volatility, fighting, and charged sexual energy.. When Mars Square Mars Synastry aspect happens in cardinal signs, there is a tendency for both partners to want to take the lead in the relationship, which may lead to power struggles.. However, regardless of what signs this Mars Square Mars Synastry aspect happens in, these two people will fight, a lot.

Ascendant (also known as ASC or Rising Sign ) aspects in synastry give us insight on first impressions, the level of attraction as well as how partners relate to each other over the long term.. Sun conjunct Ascendant (Sun opposite Descendant) represents a dynamic start.. Especially getting Sun person to see Ascendant’s point of view may be very challenging.. Moon conjunct Ascendant (Moon opposite Descendant) is a very significant and delicate aspect due to the emotional intensity.. Ascendant square Moon challenges partners to evolve and create a deeper connection by working on their problems together.. Moon opposite Ascendant (Moon conjunct Descendant) feels physically, mentally and emotionally captivating.. With Mars conjunct Ascendant (Mars opposite Descendant) sexual attraction is very, very potent.. Mars person almost instantly makes their interest evident to the Ascendant person.. Mars opposite Ascendant (Mars conjunct Descendant) indicates infatuation and an instant sexual chemistry.. Venus trine/sextile Ascendant aspects represent a magnetic first impression just like the Venus conjunct Ascendant, although generally with less sexual attraction and more friendly feelings.. Venus opposite Ascendant (Venus conjunct Descendant) represents a long lasting physical attraction.. Even though they have very loving feelings for one another, both Ascendant and Venus may idealize their romance too quickly.

When determining your compatibility with another person (possibly your soulmate), you can examine two synastry aspects: 1) personal planets conjunct moon and 2) personal planets conjunct ascendant.. Before delving into the synastry aspects for soulmates, it’s significant to discern which planets you need to search for in your natal chart.. In astrology, the Sun, Moon, and Pluto are also referred to as planets.. The most significant planets you need to know in synastry readings are the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Ascendant.. The placement of Venus in your natal chart shows how you relate to others and nurture your relationships.. When your Sun is conjunct the Moon of another person or vice versa, it’s a telling sign that you share an intense attraction.. In synastry, Moon conjunct Moon means two individuals share a mutual understanding on a much deeper level.. The romantic relationship between the two possesses the emotional energy of the Moon and the harmonious energy of Venus.. Much like the Moon conjunct Moon synastry, the Moon conjunct Ascendant synastry highlights the deep understanding between two people.. Another synastry aspect that shows the compatibility between two people is the Venus conjunct Ascendant synastry.

For example, a couple may have the much-hyped Venus conjunct Mars aspect in their synastry.. The basics are the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (the soul’s trinity) in aspect to the sexual planets (Venus and Mars) and the social planets of balance (Jupiter and Saturn).. I find the hard aspects work better with Jupiter while the soft work better with Saturn.. If we don’t have the luminaries in aspect then this one more than makes up for it, but only if it is in hard aspect (conjunction, opposition or square).. A hard aspect from partner A’s Sun, Moon, AC or Vertex to this point, brings the sun and the Moon together and makes Partner B feel whole.. The Mercury aspects don’t always even need to be harmonious, they just need to be connected.

💍Moon in the 8th overlay: This one is more for romantic synastry, but this could be good in other types of relationships as well.. You want this in romantic synastry.. I feel like people shit on oppositions alot, but imo, I feel like oppositions can work really well in synastry because people complement each other.. Also, my best friend and I have a lot of squares in our synastry, but we get along great because we have other aspects that balance it out.. This is because I feel like you need a good number of aspects to have a relationship or a connection with this person (this is for romantic synastry).

When Sun and Mars are in opposition in synastry , their relationship reflects a touch of competitiveness and defensiveness.. Continue reading to learn more about the relationship between Sun and Mars in synastry .. Just like the planets revolve around the Sun and look upon it for guidance, our life purpose and goals depend on the Sun’s position in our natal chart.. The Sun is what makes every individual unique as it grants a person their particular traits and characteristics.. When the Sun is in opposition to Mars, the relationship tends to be overly complicated.. Sun and Mars express their desires in different ways.. When Mars comprehends the Sun’s fear of getting hurt, it tries its best to bring Sun out of its shell, making their relationship stronger.. Mars’s enthusiastic personality inspires the Sun person to take more initiative in life.. Sun and Mars are both masculine planets , which means both possess the inherent need to lead.. This desire to decide everything in the relationship makes the other person feel suffocated and unloved.. The Mars person often exerts his will in the most unexpected ways, which annoys the Sun person.. Sun person often tends to get angry at the way Mars handles things.. On the other hand, the calculated decision-making approach of the Sun can make it appear boring to the Mars person, who is all about living on the edge.. Even when Sun tries to do something special for its partner, the predictable nature of the Sun leaves Mars unimpressed with even the most heartfelt expressions of love.. No relationship is without its challenges, and the Sun opposite Mars synastry is no exception.

Natal astrology interprets the astrological destiny of an individual human being, which is based upon the postulate mentioned above.. Natal astrology reads natal or birth charts.. When you have in mind all we have mentioned in the previous paragraph, it becomes very clear that astrology reads planetary distribution as some kind of a personalized astrological identification card, but also something more.. Planets in your chart create specific connections, which are called aspects; zodiac signs also play a prominent role, as well as astrological houses.. Before doing a synastry, the astrologer would look into natal charts of the people involved, because the synastry is based exactly on charts’ comparison.. Astrological aspects are the most important part of astrological readings.. They are to be found in each natal chart, but also between natal charts, as the case is with synastry.. Astrological aspects are contacts that planets make among themselves and that produce specific kind of energy.. The aspect of conjunction is the strongest one in astrological readings.. The conjunction is always a strong one, but it should be viewed in light of other aspects that form a synastry and considering individual charts. In this one, Jupiter’s lightness and generally positive and easygoing approach would only inspire Mars’ energy to be even more energetic and active, in the most positive way.. Mars is easily turned on by Jupiter’s general casual approach to things, not to mention that everything Jupiter does would sound as an invitation of a more intimate sort to Mars.

We need to go back to the individual charts to see if Chiron is in a particularly sensitive position (tightly aspecting significant inner planets, or conjunct an angle) and then we’d need to assess how each individual interacts with his or her own Chiron.. For those of us not attuned to our own long term spiritual healing, the triggering of Chiron’s pain may cause us to seek band-aid solutions to relieve the sting and bury our head in the sand, until the next Chiron episode occurs in our lives.. When Chiron touches a planet, we have experiences that cause us to go beyond the limitations of that planet (Chiron can often take us to the edge of our understanding) and challenge us to utilize that planet via the transcendent powers of the outer planets.. When Chiron touches a planet, it is trying to expand the horizons of that planet, to teach it to be the most it can be–so sometimes Chiron does the hurting back.. If you’re very lucky, Chiron will teach you both a great deal about love itself, about love as a power, rather than simply an experience or an emotional state.. Chiron to Venus may prevent you from ever feeling completely accepted and appreciated, but if you focus on the love you can give, rather than the love you receive, you may be surprised at how quickly those feelings disappear.. Chiron , Chiron In Synastry Series , SynastryChart Comparison , Chiron , Psychology , Relationship Astrology , Synastry , Venus

When people say what their sign is, they are usually referring to their Sun Sign.. When the Sun is conjunct the Sun in synastry, the two people are alike in some fundamental ways.. A sign is thirty degrees, so this is over half of the sign.. This means that it is more likely than not that people with the same Sun sign will have Sun conjunct Sun by degree as well.. It will generally mean that two people are alike…almost too much alike.

In Sun conjunct Sun synastry, this aspect between the partners can create a feeling of an intense friendship or a passionate love relationship between two people.. Sun Conjunct Sun synastry shows a very intense and loving relationship between two people.. The Sun Conjunct Sun synastry aspect reveals an important connection between the people it joins, one that can inform you about how they work together.. In a synastry chart when the Sun in one chart is conjunct the Sun in another chart this is a very powerful connection.. The Sun conjunct the Sun in synastry can result in two extremely confident, positive and independent people who go about their life unfettered by others.

In this article, you can learn about Mars conjunct ascendant in the birth chart, in synastry, and in transit.. With the Mars conjunct ascendant natal aspect, it can easily happen that Mars is one of your dominant planets.. Keep reading to learn more about the Mars conjunct ascendant synastry and natal aspects in astrology!. Depending on the rest of the chart, the Mars conjunct ascendant natal aspect suggests a strong body.. Mars conjunct the ascendant is frequent in the birth charts of athletes.. The Mars conjunct ascendant natal aspect suggests an extremely active person.. Mars conjunct ascendant natal indicates a person who loves to be active.. The Mars conjunct ascendant natal aspect suggests that you are extremely competitive.. Mars conjunct ascendant suggests a very strong personality.. What to expect with the Mars conjunct ascendant synastry aspect in astrology?. Prominent Mars aspects in synastry, such as the M ars conjunct ascendant synastry can indicate a steamy relationship where you are sexually very attracted to each other.. Unless there are. other aspects in the chart that balance out the rawness of this. aspect, Mars conjunct ascendant synastry relationships tend to be. more physical than a connection between two souls.

Moon conjunct Mars synastry aspects can be wonderful if you enjoy passionate relationships, but they can be too much for some people.. Keep reading to learn more about the Moon conjunct Mars synastry aspect in astrology!. The Moon conjunct Mars synastry aspect suggests a passionate, steamy relationship .. The Mars person can desire children with the Moon person.. The Mars person sees the Moon person as warm and caring, and they make the Mars person feel very comfortable .. The Moon person feels safe with the Mars person, and they appreciate the Mars person’s vitality and stamina.. The Mars person is usually more outgoing and has more energy than the Moon person in the Moon conjunct Mars synastry relationship.. Generally speaking, the Moon conjunct Mars synastry aspect counts as a hard aspect.. It is more frequent that the Mars person is the male and the Moon person is the female if this is a heterosexual relationship.. The Mars person often triggers deep emotional reactions with the Moon conjunct Mars synastry aspect in astrology.. With hard aspects between the Moon and Mars in synastry (for example, the square), the desires of the Mars person can be at odds with the needs of the Moon person.. This can lead to conflicts in the relationship with the Moon conjunct Mars synastry aspect.. Moon conjunct Mars in Aries operates in a completely different way than the Moon conjunct Mars in Libra.

The Sun person can help improve the Ascendant person's life and career.. Ascendant person, on the other hand, gives the Sun person a nurturing love.. The energies of the Sun and the Ascendant person, if joined together, guarantee that both will achieve more in life.. In Synastry, the Sun conjuncts the Ascendant, indicating that both spouses' emotional and mental power are in sync.. The Ascendant person is honest with the Sun person about their wants and needs.. The Sun conjunct the Ascendant person is powerful.. Just one look in the eyes of your partner, you understand right away.. In this way, the Ascendant person can understand more about itself and know their true identity and their life's mission.. The Ascendant person supports all the endeavors of the Sun person.. The Sun person loves the company of the Ascendant person.. The positive trait of the Sun person, plus the nurturing love of the Ascendant person, joined together can create powerful energy.. However, there is a tendency that both partners can become competitive with each other rather than working together to achieve one goal.. The Sun person may become insecure about how the Ascendant person manifests their genuine self with others.

Very loving aspect.. The Sun person feels like the Jupiter person makes their life better and more positive.. The Moon person feels comforted by the Sun person’s energy and the Sun person feels like they can be vulnerable with the Moon person.. Can be a marriage aspect.. The Venus person is probably really attracted to the Lilith person.. 💕 Ascendant conjunct Venus - I had this aspect with an ex - my Venus conjunct his Ascendant.. The Ascendant person finds the Venus person very attractive, and the Ascendant person presents themselves in a way that the Venus person appreciates.. The Venus person likes to touch the Ascendant person often.. It’s possible to feel an instant connection or feel like you recognize the person even if you haven’t met before.. The Sun person recognizes the Alma person’s soul.

If the conjunction combines a planet with harmonious nature and a planet with challenging nature, the influence of the conjunction will most likely incline towards the challenging planet, but the effect will certainly not be as bad as if there was a conjunction between two challenging planets.. Mars is a powerful planet, which makes people who are influenced by Mars very powerful people.. These people have strong personalities, and when their Mars receives challenging aspects from planets which are also of destructive nature, the person can be violent and prone to aggression.. Mars and Neptune making a conjunction aspect between the natal charts of two people is a challenging aspect which will color the relationship with its traits, especially if the aspect is exact.. When two planets form a conjunction aspect their energy is amplified, and in this case, this is the energy of Mars and the energy of Neptune.. Neptune feels relaxed to talk about his desires to the Mars person and Mars who also has a vivid imagination regarding physical pleasures, will certainly understand Neptune.. Sometimes Neptune confused behavior or general traits might frustrate the Mars person who might express outbursts of anger and aggression towards the Mars person.. The Mars person could actually be fooled by Neptune, but it will not take long before Mars realizes Neptune’s intentions and puts them in their place.. In some cases, this aspect might indicate a situation where the Neptune person might provoke Mars person and tease them, without any intention of being intimate with them.. When two people share the Mars conjunct Neptune aspect between their natal charts, this aspect usually indicates strong attraction and magnetism (at least on the side of one partner).. The problems might arise if Neptune has challenging aspects and the person is prone to distorting the truth and manipulating Mars, which might be the reason for Mars person to end this relationship without much explanation.

Sun aversion to Moon: If these two people know eachother, it is usually for some specific purpose indicated by other aspects.. The Moon person may lack interest in the Sun person's objectives.. Sun opposite or square Mercury: This aspect brings differences of viewpoint, misunderstandings and either a lack of or heated communication.. If favorable, then the Saturn individual can help "school" the Sun person in issues like self expression and responsibility.. The Saturn person will often be disappointed in the Sun person's lack of responsibility, character or lack of honor.

Sun conjunct Saturn thus creates a very interesting mix of qualities that reflect in the people influenced by this aspect.. Creativity and talent go hand in hand with the Sun conjunct Saturn aspect.. Men with this aspect are shy and don’t feel very comfortable interacting with large groups of people .. Sun conjunction Saturn in synastry indicates a very serious relationship.. You feel a responsibility to the relationship and feel the need to stay committed and loyal to each other.. This is great for people looking for a serious relationship but it can also make you feel obligated or pressured to stay together.

However, when one person’s planets aspect the other person’s MC, it does indicate a powerful connection based on status.. And there’s the rub; does external success have any place in romance?. When a partner’s planets aspect your MC, they influence your social position.. An opposition is a matter for another article, because that would place their planet on your 4th House cusp (IC) which is a whole different story.. If your partner’s Jupiter (optimism and expansion) conjuncts your MC, they make you look good.. Conjunctions are felt most directly, but other aspects to the MC have an impact as well.. If your partner’s planet trines your MC, they quietly support your public status.. When they’re with you, the planet person may feel they are part of something larger than themselves.. And what if one of their planets trines your MC, while another planet squares it?. Note that any planet squaring your MC will also square your IC, and any planet that trines your MC will sextile your IC.. Synastry contacts to the MC don’t usually trigger romantic attraction (unless Venus or the ruler of the planet person’s 7th House is involved).

Þú þekkir vissulega stjörnuspeki sem kallast „vísindi stjarnanna“ og það er það sem þýða mætti ​​hugtakið stjörnuspeki.. Í samstillingu eru þættir horn sem reikistjörnur úr báðum sjókortum búa til sín á milli.. Einn þáttur stendur þó upp úr og það gæti verið hvort tveggja.. Tengingin verður að vera öflugur þáttur, þar sem hún táknar samsvörun plánetna eða stendur mjög nálægt.. Í sumum hefðum var talið að allar reikistjörnur í sama skilti og stjörnuspeki væru í sambandi.. Stjörnuspekingar myndu segja að það væri betra að hafa það í samræðu, jafnvel í þungum þáttum, þá að hafa það alls ekki.. Þegar haft er í huga að Mars tengist öllu því sem er áþreifanlegt, holdlegt og ástríðufullt, mætti ​​ætla að þessi pláneta sé mikilvæg í samræðu.. Þetta tvennt er bæði mjög ötult og fullviss um að það gæti gerst að einn örvar hinn ótrúlega, á meðan það gæti líka orðið pirrandi hver á öðrum.. Þetta er mjög áþreifanleg tenging en það er meira en það.. Hver þeirra finnur hina manneskjuna sína náttúrulegu tegund af maka og það er ekki mikið talað um það.. Til dæmis myndu þessir tveir líklega njóta útiveru, ferðast saman, búa til hluti saman og jafnvel vinna saman, þó að það gæti verið vandasamt.. Eitt sem þetta tvennt ætti að hafa í huga er að keppnin í sambandi er leikur og að það á að vera leikur áfram.


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