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Alex of Aurora, IL Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 1, 2022

After contacting Sunrun, they scheduled an appointment, came over three days later, walked us through the process, and sent out technicians to evaluate our roof. They were amazing. It was still very cold and snowing back then. As soon as spring came, they performed installation and we are very happy with it. My electric bill is one-third of what it used to be. That alone is great.

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Thanks for your review, Alex! We're so happy to hear that you're saving money with solar. Our goal is to make solar an easy and enjoyable experience for you, and we're delighted that you're part of the Sunrun family. Thanks for helping us create a planet run by the sun!

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Christina of Fontana, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: May 19, 2022

Enrolling with Sunrun was a pleasant experience. The reps walked us through all the steps. We didn't feel pressured and didn't feel like we had to make a decision right there and then. We were given a lot of information to do our homework, and they let us make our own decisions but with correct information. The information we previously received from other companies talked about numbers but didn't talk about the panels, the longevity, the company's reputation, and how they started. That's also important for such a big commitment financially. The installation took a little longer but it was due to COVID. There were a lot of stuff going on when we were ready to move forward. But the guys came and knew what they were doing. They were informative and would allow me to ask questions and get some information. It didn't feel like they were unreachable.

As a wife, we always get told by our husbands to stop using water and too much electricity. But we’ve been able to use the AC and run our Jacuzzi, and financially, we can do this now. We have a high usage in the summer. But we have a Jacuzzi that we run 24/7 to keep it always ready for us. And we are planning on purchasing in electrical car. We wanted to plan ahead, so that could also be a benefit to us.

We did our taxes as well and my husband was very pleased with what Sunrun promised us as far as the tax credit. We haven’t got the rebate yet but it’s still something that’s taking account, and it’s real. We thought we were gonna have to struggle and go back and complain. We were a little leery on it but it turned out very well. Everybody wants solar but people concentrate on the big dollar amount instead of what they’re saving long-term. We used to get a $400 electricity bill in the summer but we’re not stressing out this summer. And we got our first credit from Edison. So, I’d recommend Sunrun to everybody.

Sunrun response

We're thrilled you had a good experience, Christina! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. Thanks for playing such an important role in our solar community and for helping us create a planet run by the sun!

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This review is featured by Sunrun

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Elizabeth of Bakersfield, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: May 13, 2022

I like Sunrun. They were pretty good, and installation was fast. Our bill's really low right now, and we're gonna notice it more when summer gets here.

Sunrun response

Thanks for your review, Elizabeth! We're so delighted to hear that you're saving money with solar. We hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of clean energy for years to come. Thanks for helping us create a planet run by the sun!

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Jennifer of Aurora, CO Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: May 29, 2022

The sales process was really great. The reps were very communicative and gave me a lot of information. Some of the information wasn't exactly correct but I was really excited at the time, because one of the things they said was there's a tax rebate and it could be applied immediately to my loan. They’d take care of the paperwork and it would come off of my loan. After I had the install though, I saw the loan was for the full amount. I contacted the loan people and Sunrun, and everybody said, “No. You're supposed to fill out this paperwork and it has to be done when you file your taxes. And that's the point when the money will come back to you if you actually qualify for it. And then at that point, you can pay it towards your loan to get a lower loan amount.” I wasn't that pleased about that section of it.

The install itself went really fast and everybody on the team was super nice. They gave me a lot of information as well. It took a bit of time to get up and running with utilities though. After I got installed, my system was not working for over a month. It worked for one day then I had nothing on the app. I contacted Sunrun and discovered it's a little hard to deal with customer service. There's a lot of different departments, and I kept getting shuffled between them. It took a month and a week after I initially contacted and told them what was wrong. They got a tech out pretty fast to look at my system, and the tech said, “Oh, nothing's wrong with your system. There's something wrong with the app itself. And your system is connected possibly with the wrong app.”

It was a month and a week after that tech left before they fixed the thing on my app. Nobody contacted me or followed up with me. The app just started working one day, and I contacted Sunrun a few times before that. Everybody I spoke to was very friendly, but every time I contacted them, they said, “Well, it's being looked over by that department and they're going to get to it. It's just taking a little bit of time.” It was a lot of time in which things weren't going well though. Even though they're very nice, they're not able to fulfill the technical side of their job as well as I would like. However, everything is straightened out now. I've had access to the app for two weeks where it's been showing me updated information on my system, and everything has been corrected.

The sales portion was one of the most pleasant sales experiences I've ever had when dealing with a company with updates. I'm also very pleased to have solar. I'm looking forward to what that's going to do with my billing in the future. I was told that Sunrun has a department that allows upgrades later on, so I feel satisfied with the fact that I'm going to be able to get the system updated with what I need. Because when it comes to the installation side of things, they're great.

Sunrun response

Thanks for your review, Jennifer! Our goal is to make going solar easy and enjoyable, and we're so happy to hear that you had a good experience with us. Thanks for doing your part by helping us create a planet run by the sun!

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Douglas of Upper Marlboro, MD Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: April 8, 2022

I'm a big fan of Sunrun, and I would recommend them to anyone. I interviewed three different companies when I got interested in solar. I did a little research on the companies, which was interesting because I didn't understand the rating that Sunrun got, as opposed to the rating of the company I refused to use. Their overall rating was better than Sunrun's, but Sunrun's customer service rating was better than theirs. After talking to Sunrun's sales rep, I didn't want to do business with them. The other company, the way they’re set up is that the customer has to do everything on their own on the internet. To ask questions, one has to send them a question and they respond back, so you wouldn't talk to a live person until you pre-accepted the deal. I didn’t like dealing with them either.

I appreciated the sales rep that Sunrun had because he answered all my questions. I told him I probably had more, and he said, “Bring it.” He was outstanding. Unfortunately, he doesn't work for Sunrun anymore, but the guy who took over for him was pretty good too. I had a bit of bad experience in the installation part, but it worked out. It wasn’t all Sunrun’s fault. I have a townhouse, and when the installers came in, they went on the roof and drilled a hole in the neighbor's roof. Based on the plan, they said the design wasn't quite right, so they said I had options. They could make an adjustment there, or they could go back to the engineers and let the engineers really look at it. I went back to the engineers, and it took them almost a month to come back out to do the reinstall.

They were supposed to get it installed before the beginning of the summer. It didn't get installed till the middle of the fall, but that was partially because my HOA was dragging their feet about giving approval. There was that in the scheduling, but Sunrun also had to reschedule another crew to come out to put it in. It was a little more than 30 days. They did a nice job though. They did it pretty fast then there was the time between once they installed it, they had to come in and get approval from the county. That took a little while too. So from the time the system got installed till the time it was turned on to use, it took a little time and I wasn't happy about that.

I've received two bills with a little confusion as well. Their bill was approximately what they said it was going to be, but the electric company’s bill seemed a little high. One was 50 something, and the other was 70 something. My understanding is that I should only be getting a connection bill from the electric company. I was gonna make a call, try to see if I could find out what that's about, but I want to see what the next electric bill looks like.

Sunrun response

Thank you for sharing your story, Douglas. Your feedback helps us to keep improving your solar experience. We'll definitely look into your billing concerns for you. We'd appreciate it if you could send us a private message with your service address. Thanks for choosing us as your solar provider!

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John of Mount Holly, VT Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Feb. 15, 2022

The enrollment was all right. There were some gray areas that I am now noticing. Sunrun came out and surveyed the area. They installed the panels. My panels don't make power when they're covered in snow. So, a little heads up as to, “Hey, maybe you should keep your panels clean because of the pitch of your roof” would have been fine. If I had a steeper pitch, the snow probably would slide off on its own. But because of a low pitch on my roof, the snow tends to stick. So, every winter, I'm used to going up on my roof, shoveling snow off. That's fine. But it's when my entire roof is covered in solar panels and I have to be gingerly pulling it off, then it becomes kind of an issue. And it's more time-consuming.

And as far as with the breakdown of the pricing, the number the rep kept giving me which interested me was, “With everything, it's gonna be 140 bucks a month for your electric bill.” I don't know if he meant that that was an average over the year. So, if my panels aren't making power and they're covered in snow, I'm not saving any on my electric bill.

In December, my bill was 92 bucks. In the wintertime, it's normally 150. The big thing for me is in the summer. When I'm running my air conditioners or I'm running my pool pump, my bill is normally 350. So, in the summer, if it's only gonna be 100 bucks, that's fine. But the thing is the rep just kept telling me that my bill would be $140 a month. Maybe I didn't read the print fully where it said, “Hey, if your panels are covered, you're not making power. You're not deducting energy from your electric bill.”

My last electric bill was 450 bucks for the month, because I was under the impression that I can go ahead and plug in my electric heater so I can heat my woodshop. I was doing a bunch of work. And my panels were covered in snow. Now, my bill is outrageous. It's double what it normally is. So, I was pissed about that.

The rep made some promises to me and he hasn't followed through with that, so I tried to contact them yesterday. And to their understanding and on my account, the promises he made to me have yet to be documented. So, that didn't go over too well with me either. And when I called him yesterday, he told me he was in a meeting and he would call me right back. But he never did. His voicemail is full, so I can't leave him a voicemail. And he only seems to respond to me when he wants to.

I use Sunrun's app to see when I'm making power. One of the other issues I had is that my internet went down and I had to switch out routers. And when I did, it disconnected my panels. So, my panels weren't communicating with Sunrun. And I had no idea about it. Sunrun figured it out and called me 30 days later. So, there was another hiccup in the system because they had to come out and reconnect my Wi-Fi to the system.

I've had a good experience with Sunrun. The guys who came and installed those stuff were great. They did it in a timely manner. They were clean and were respectful. They did a great job. I referred Sunrun to a couple of people. One of my friends is going through with an install in the spring. So, I was, “Oh, that was nice to see.” The other thing is that my contact who essentially pitched me the whole thing said, “Being that you’re gonna get $1,500 incentive for going through with all this stuff.” The way he made it out to be is I would receive two prepaid credit cards for the amount of $1,500. I have yet to see those. And there's nothing on my account that even says that that's going to happen. That is what annoys me about the whole situation. I was after just the aspect of saving money on my electric bill. And I like the fact that I didn't have to shell out 30 grand for all these panels. That was the big thing for me.

Sunrun response

Thank you for reaching out, John. We truly appreciate you leaving your honest feedback. If you have any questions or concerns you would like addressed, please send us a private message with your service address and we will be happy to look into them. Thanks!

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Bonnie of Burlington, VT Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Oct. 8, 2021

Sunrun was able to get back to me with my questions usually within the same day or the next day. Of course, with everybody wanting solar, and the whole pandemic happening, things were delayed a little longer than we had anticipated. They had changed our solar plan but forgot to update the design so we had issues going into it. But things were taken care of. I don't understand everything about it yet because there are six months of it where we aren't getting billed. It says we have a credit of 200 and something, and our bill from GMP is $30 to $40 when we got them, so we've only been doing this a couple months. So to be able to say I'm 100% satisfied, so far I am, but I just don't understand the whole end of it.

Everybody has their own wants. You can purchase it yourself or rent it from them. We’re older so we opted to go with, “Okay, let's just sign a lease for 25 years and pay X amount of dollars over the years.” They're responsible for all the equipment, maintaining it, replacing it. If we've got another 20, 30 years tops, to live, it would be very surprising. We may expire before the lease does. Some of my friends’ kids have actually gone and purchased the solar. They’re not paying anybody anything. So that's good for them because they're younger. But we are older, and we’ve got three kids that are hard on all the gaming stuff and stuff for school, and they use a lot of electricity. They're probably going to be here another 10 years. So far, our bill has reduced drastically. And it's still going to be lower once we start paying the monthly payments, but I just don't quite understand the whole how much.

I usually do things for a year to see, and of course, solar, it's not going to be the same year to year. It all depends on what Mother Nature does. You can't say to the solar company, “Oh, but you told me this.” If Mother Nature doesn't give you sun, you don't get this. That's the one thing that some people don't get. We don't have it on our roof. We have it on our land. They did everything. The structure, putting it in, working with GMP and GMP working with them.

And if we had been back where we were, we were only $95 a month before the kids moved in. And I probably never would have gone to solar had it not been for the increase in electricity from the kiddos. But I started looking into solar and Sunrun does seem to be one of the better companies. Vermont has some local companies. But I didn't go with local because they haven't been around as long as Sunrun has, in looking, and I wanted a company that has been through a lot of the stuff and has been doing it for years.

Also, the people need to be patient. It's just that they're behind. It's something that is taking off. And they can't get the people to work. They're not isolated from all of this people not working either. So a big part of that is if people aren't patient, they're not going to be happy with them. But it isn't their fault. And they were very accommodating. They tried to resolve issues as quickly as possible, and they never left me hanging. If I had a question, they got back to me. So far, I'm happy with them. And I got a 25-year contract with them, so I'm hoping it continues that way. I've been giving Chris’ card to everybody because I really like it. There are just things that are preventing them from being able to have this really wonderful experience, unfortunately.

It's a big investment. I look at it like, “Okay. I'm paying $147 a month. But I pay more than that for insurance on my house. So I'm paying that to maintain my solar panels. I have a hailstorm, and I am SOL if I own these panels.” The maintenance is totally paid for. Unless, of course, somebody goes out there and intentionally damages it. We're lucky we have a lot of acres so my kids aren't even near it. The $147 is cheaper than what I would pay for insurance, because I don't have to put it on my homeowner's policy. If I sell my house, it can transfer. They can pull it. I pass away, my kids inherit it. I also checked with the kids before I did it and said, “Hey, you guys are going to be happy with this contract because it can transfer to you.” I like that fact.

So I did look into a lot of different things, and Sunrun has done a good job of thinking of all the different life wishes that people could want. The owning, the renting. You can either opt to have the batteries or not. They let you customize it yourself. And everybody's happy. Kudos to them and all their people. They did a really good job, and the subcontractors were awesome.

Sunrun response

Thank you so much for being part of our Sunrun family and helping us create a planet run by the sun!

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Dick of Irvine, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Aug. 30, 2021

Sunrun did good work and they got everything controlled and were able to get everything going. And the guys that followed up helped out, got things cleared up and got everything running. It's just the overall concept is not clear yet in my mind as to if it's even a good process, or if it's just a breakeven process, or if it will actually come out as an advantage.

Sunrun was one of the preferred vendors to install, which was good. In the future, electric rates will probably go up steadily. So, it locks me in at a fixed rate for that period of time. But as a consumer, I still have to buy the equipment upfront. I called the mortgage company, but the finance company that finances all that, I’m still paying money. So, in a sense, I could pay it forward for the savings in the future or I pay it as I go along. But in reality, to the homeowner, I don't know if I’m really saving money. I’m just replacing the electric bill to pay for the equipment service, pay on high.

So, from a short term, it's not a benefit to the consumer. For the mid to long term, it would most likely be because of the energy cost going up. Eventually, the equipment has to be replaced, so I have to pay for it all over again. But in my mind, I have the funds to pay for it. So, I assume just pay for it upfront. Help this energy crisis that people talk about, that it's there and it's not there.

It's good that utility companies give that incentive, but it actually gets paid back. To me, the real beneficiary of it is the equipment suppliers. If you install the equipment yourself, that's probably a good deal. But the average consumer cannot. He's got to hire someone to go on the roof and put it all in. So, they're going to charge. Contractors charge whatever the going rate is and they're the beneficiaries of that tax reduction or the rebate that the consumer gets for that. That's why the consumer is caught in the middle. They're just trying to help the energy situation and that's all.

We had a power outage three months ago. The transformers went down for four or five hours, but my backup battery only lasted a couple of hours. I had lights on or TV going on. After a while, it just shut off until the morning solar panels went back on. When the grid came back on, some transformer needed repair, then the power came back. It tells me, "Is the battery helping anybody or is it just another capital expense in the whole thing?” Which then, if eliminated, then that cost of the panel will be 20,000 instead of being 30,000, which makes it maybe the payback is quicker. The battery probably helps because it regulates storage, and then it goes back to the grid and your credit is good. In the long run, the credits are just going to be even. I don't think we're going to get a huge benefit on getting money back or a reduction, even though we've put more kilowatts back into the grid. So, it's a wash.

If you do this financially, a month to month, year to year, you probably won't do it. If the regulators like the government force the builders to install the system in a house, then it just becomes a part of construction of the house and it helps utilities not spike in use of power which this free solar stuff that's out here. It's not just gonna activate these solar panels and give you power. We're still paying for the electricity, whether we're paying for the mortgage or the finance, the equipment and the installation. So, as a consumer, we're just a breakeven. But for the overall environment, utilities and burning less oil or having this peak demand situation, the battery helps the peak demand because you can store it and dump it back into the system.

I can't get data until maybe after a few years after I see what it's really doing. But I know from a daily basis, it looks like our panels are creating enough where we're getting a credit after using it for the air conditioning and the daily house utilities that we did. It's showing that we're getting a bit of extra kilowatt hours after using it for the air conditioning. But our area is not a high AC using area, except during two, three months during the summer. And even then, it's only during the hot afternoon. It cools off in the evening and goes away. But I know it's always geographic-specific. It's different in different areas. But the software that's applied to that Sunrun, I wish it was a bit more informative as to what it's actually doing on a 24-hour basis.

Because right now, it looks like it only works from midnight until 4:00 or 5:00 when it dumps the battery into the grid. But it doesn't give me any data between 5:00 to midnight. I'm still getting power in using the panels. I know that it's still sunny until 7:00. So, I got another two hours with the sun that is not recording. It's saying that all my solar panel's going 100% to the grid, and then I'm using electricity from San Diego Gas, so many kilowatts for the day, and then it gives me the net difference.

Two separate books are being kept. One for the kilowatts that come into our house, and then the amount of solar kw that is pushed back into the grid. And then, in our solar panel, it's pushing so much kilowatts back into the grid and I don't see the software showing what that really is. So, come next April, even though the utility company is not charging me, but they said that first month, I have a $168 balance due. But every month, it's $10. That's some kind of service fee just to keep the account open.

So, I owe maybe up to 300. But at the end of the day, even though it says I got a credit of 3,000 kilowatts now and it slowly goes up maybe 5 or 10 by the end of the year, I didn't know how much they will give us credit back whether or not still over 300 or whether I'll have enough credits to offset that. I end up with a positive, will I get any cash back from the electric company? The software doesn't say it and I can't understand it. So, do something on that software. There should be more clarification. I'll know when April comes if I have to pay a bill and I'm gonna say, "Wasn't worth it at all." Because even though it looks like I’m making solar, I’m not getting anything back.

Sunrun response

Thanks for your review! Our goal is to make going solar easy and enjoyable and we're so happy to hear that you had a good experience with us. Thanks for doing your part by helping us create a planet run by the sun! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or live chat us from your MySunrun account.

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Pedro of Los Banos, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 4, 2022

This company is nothing but problems, I recently move in to a brand new community in Pacheco Pointe in Los Banos CA, there's about 75 new homes. We are really mad because they haven't activated solar panels and we are paying high electricity bills because of this Sunrun company, please save yourself a big headache, also when you call them they never return the calls. They should be called Sun Scammers Run, By the way houses are built by D.R. Horton and another company. They used really cheap materials to built houses.

Sunrun response

We're so sorry to hear this, Pedro. We certainly don't want you to feel frustrated. We will be sending you a private message requesting additional account information so that we can get a Specialist assigned to your issue. Thanks!

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Resolution In ProgressTop 667 Sunrun Reviews (10)

Eric and Melanie of Seymour, CT Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 3, 2022

Let me start with the positives. My local rep was fantastic. Responsive, explained things in great detail, always communicated changes that were occurring and what step of the process we were on. One time, I got a customer service representative that said they were in California, I don't remember her name... she was great.

Every. Other. Thing. has been awful. I cannot express this enough. I am at the point where we will be seeking legal action against Sunrun. We signed a contract for the company to install 29 panels on our roof. I cannot see the majority of my roofline (2 story house on a hill). Guess what? They installed 36 panels. I am producing more power than I expected. I am paying more money that I expected.

I am called Sunrun COUNTLESS times about this. Asking them to either lower our cost/KWH or remove the extra panels. Lots of run around and lots of no answers. Their customer service representatives are trained to reiterate what you say, over and over again. It is infuriating. One male representative asked me if I knew what a screen was. They broke my contract and are now dodging their error. They owe me a solution and an apology at this point. RUN from this company.

Sunrun response

We are so sorry to hear this! We would love to review your system's performance and any other specific concerns you have. We will be sending you a private message requesting additional account information so that we can get a Specialist assigned to your issue.

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R. of Ny, NY Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: July 30, 2022

I got a phone call from Sunrun which was done well enough to talk further. A woman came into the house and did an excellent job of selling the system. When they came out to do the installation, they came in a truck and one or two more cars. They unloaded their truck and discovered one broken panel. They're very professional and well-organized. But there were some problems after that with Central Hudson getting them synched up to get the billing correct and getting credit for power generated by the panels. That took me a while to get straightened out. I'm supposed to have access to a system that tells me how the individual panels are doing and what are the current power usage and battery usage. That's supposed to be through Tesla but I haven't been able to get connected with that.

Sunrun response

We're so sorry to hear this, Ronald. We certainly don't want you to feel frustrated. We will be sending you a private message requesting additional account information so that we can get a Specialist assigned to your issue. Thanks!

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Resolution In ProgressTop 667 Sunrun Reviews (12)

Kelvin of Manchester, NH Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: July 29, 2022

I had heard some negative things about Sunrun in the past, but that they were becoming a better company and were working towards improving their customer service. The experience with them was easy and simple. The installation was amazing. It took them three times to come out and re-measure but they made sure it was done right.

When my fridge and my washer were turning off, I called Sunrun to say my stuff kept going off and I kept going under the basement to reset the fuse. I asked if they could have someone come out and check what was going on. They came out and said it looked like it was spiking, but there was nothing they could do. They told me I might have to get an electrician to come out and rewire the whole house. Ever since, I'm still having some issues, trying to move things around and taking things off of sockets. My fridge and my washer keep going out. I had to move a couple of things from my living room to a different socket with a long extension cord and I'm still waiting for an electrician to call me back to try to come out and take a look at it because Sunrun said they couldn't do anything to help.

Sunrun response

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Kelvin. We're so sorry to hear that you have been having issues with wiring your home. We'd be happy to look into this for you and help resolve your concerns. We will be sending you a private message with more information to assist you further. Thanks!

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Resolution In ProgressTop 667 Sunrun Reviews (13)

Randy of Oakland, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: July 25, 2022

Sunrun bought our system about 2 years ago. They contracted with Spruce Power to provide service to the system. We have had intermittent problems with the system since early May and it is now late July. In general, the response by Spruce has been extremely slow and they still have not gotten our solar system working again. It has now been over 3 weeks since their last visit, which did not solve the problem. The response over the phone is that "work has been authorized", but no one has come out to do the repairs.

Sunrun response

Thanks for letting us know, Randy. We're so sorry it's taking longer than you expected. We will be sending you a private message requesting additional account information so that we can get a Specialist assigned to your issue.

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